AAFC - Android ADB Fastboot Controller

This tool provides large support for beginners and even for pros!
Not sure how to use the terminal? No problem - Go with AAFC!
Working all day with ADB and Fastboot? - Why not automate things?

Download latest beta build (2801 from 15-06-28) here:

(Downloaded 123 times, count only for current version.)
(Older versions downloaded 160 times)
You may test the latest nightly build 2827 from 15-08-23 with your device.
Since university is time-consuming atm, next release will have to wait.

You need Java 7 or later to run AAFC. Get your JRE here.

Download older versions here.
See the changelog here or in one of the following threads.

Discussion on xda-developers here.

See more screenshots here.
Android ADB Fastboot Commander (IMG)

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